Swaminarayan Sahitya Sandarbh

It gives me great privilege to state that l have now been contributing regularly in the monthly Gujarati magazine – Vadtaldham Satsang published by Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Vadtaldham since 2016. They have also appointed me as a junior Editor to assist Parshad Shree Lalji Bhagatji , the Editor of bi-monthly English journal Sahaj Anand and as Editor for Hindi magazine Swaminarayan Satsang. My association with the literary activities of the Vadtal Temple is in fact my worship of Shree Harekrishna Maharajshri .

A note on my work. I believe that history of Swaminarayan Sampraday and Swaminarayan Sahitya be written at the earliest . I also strongly believe that I cannot do that . It is not my forte. But I can do something for it . I can do supplementary work for that . Swaminarayan Aitihya Shreni is a step in that direction. The books published in this series are : 1 Shikshapatri Sandarbh, 2 Brahmanand Swami Sandarbh, 3 Nishkulanand Swami Sandarbh , 4 Vato nu Sahitya Sandarbh , 5 Prakarna Sandarbh , 6 Shree Hari Sandarbh and 7 Shree Hari Bhakti : Raja Rajvada Sandarbh. Swami Sahjanand, a bi-monthly of Swaminarayan Gurukool , Salvav Vapi in South Gujarat, also publishes my articles regarding sahitya and sampraday since 2013. I have written more than 100 articles in this magazine. I am ready to send my published books to you .Please send me your address.